Trans Canada Drive - 2018

The Trans Canada Highway is one of the longest roads in the world. In Spring 2018, I drove a car along the entire distance - and back  - in  26 days.


The trip was primarily a personal one. It was something I had hoped to do with my father who is sadly no longer with us. It also celebrates my family's history in Canada and the connection we have with the friends who still live there. 

It is also a drive which is apparently not done as frequently as you may think. John O'Groats to Lands End is relatively tame in comparison. This is a trip of ten times that distance. 


Graham Chappell,

Isle of Arran, 2018

What will come of it?

Very few books have been published about this road in its entirety. Most people attempt to drive it in sections over months or years. This being a more "urgent" trip will inevitably lead to some interesting experiences and encounters. And being a photographer (or sorts) and a graphic designer, it is also inevitable that a book will be printed following the journey. With strong connections to Arran, it's hoped that the book will be of significant interest to many on each side of the Atlantic and I shall be giving £3 from each book sale to Alzheimer Scotland for their ongoing research.

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