Some frequently asked questions:

How far is it and why drive both directions?

The TCH is approx 4800 miles in length. I'm doing it both ways for personal reasons but it's also to return the rented car and avoid extra costs with the airlines. It also gives me the opportunity to re-visit anywhere on the way back, time permitting

Will you make it? And will you get time to really SEE Canada?

It's around 380 miles a day. The plan is to divide a day into 3 parts; 8 hours sleep, 7-8 hours drive, 8-9 hours relax, photograph things, walk, chat to anyone I meet and to eat!

380 miles a day is nothing for a few days so it will only start to tell after a week or so. But the road is well surfaced, quiet in many areas and even with the speed limit at 55 - 60mph in many places, it should be a relaxing drive for the most part. In some cases, I'll drive 4 hours in the morning and then 4 in the evening. It will depend how I feel and where I am driving through. I won't take risks with driving just because I haven't met a day's target. For this reason, I've not booked accommodation in advance.

IF I don't think I can make it back to St John's in time for my return flight, I'll simply take my time, extend the car rental and get back on a different flight.


None planned. If I wake up at 5am and want to set off, I'll do so. The benefits of doing this alone outweigh those of asking someone to come with me.

Why fund raise for the book before the trip starts? 

I'm doing this simply to help with costs. The book will be written en-route and, when published, will be printed in relatively small quantities. As I am sure to meet Canadians who will also want a copy, it will be handy to know how many I will need to have produced. There is no risk. Any money received specifically for the book will be refundable if it doesn't go ahead, which is extremely unlikely. The book itself will be full of journal notes, photographs, links to videos and so on. It will be commercially printed. The fundraising link for the book is listed on this site (see Supporters).

Are you attempting any world record?

There is no record for driving like this. It would encourage speeding and a "Cannonball Run" approach which only causes accidents. Whilst the trip may give others valuable information on driving the Highway, it's not going to bring me any achievement awards, except on a personal level

Deviations on the route?

Only roadworks and a brief (yet necessary) deviation in Ontario will take me off the Trans Canada Highway.