I don't know how clear this map will show up on this blog, but this goes to show the extent of route planning. The Trans Canada Highway splits into optional routes in a few places. Montreal is bottom right. I'll be here on about Day 5, having hopefully done around 1400 miles. From here I have decided to head north west, through Quebec and mid Ontario. It'll take 3 days and is, possible, the part I am least looking forward to. It's lakes and forests for 1000 miles to Nipigon (4). Items 2 and 3 show the potential stopovers on this rather remote road. After point 4, I head off the map shown, about 5000 miles to Victoria and back here to follow the route through items 5 and 6 - still on the Trans Canada Highway, but a different allocated route. It'll take me to Ottawa and it'll be just south of the capital where I'll take a day off with some friends. That'll be after I've done nearly 8000 miles on around Day 18. It's a big place, Canada. That lake on the left is Lake Superior. You could fit Scotland into it.

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